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Danish Brewery Launches Powdered Craft Beer

Copenhagen-based To Øl brewery is entering the powdered alcohol market with Instant Craft Beer—a freeze-dried beer mix that, when mixed with liquid, turns into something resembling an actual beer. The catch? There isn’t any actual alcohol in the powder.

To create the powder, brewers Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther put beer into a vacuum at a low temperature, sublimating the water and alcohol, and leaving behind only the flavorful dry matter. The complicated science is diagramed on the brewery’s website, but the gist is that To Øl is creating a dry substance that functions like instant coffee.

The powdered beer is not yet on the market, but the brewery is already producing four varieties, including a “heavy deep beer brewed with coffee,” a “fruity IPA brewed with different tropical fruits,” a “Wild Yeast hop forward IPA” and a “fairly dry pilsner,” according to Grubstreet.

Though the product won’t get you buzzed, the company considers that a plus for people who might want the flavor of beer without its effects, such as backpackers or teetotalers. For cocktailians like us, though, it could also open the door to new ways to make Micheladas or Shandies. We also wouldn’t mind a sprinkle of it on our morning avocado toast.