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Obama’s Favorite Cocktail Out Does James Bond’s Martini

Former President Barack Obama proved time and time again that he was truly the drinking man’s president. He was frequently seen throwing back brewskis with constituents and diplomats alike and even went so far as to brew his own ale. But we were never sure of his cocktail preferences—until now.

According to Urban Daddy, while on his well-deserved vacation to Waikiki, Obama ordered a dry Grey Goose Martini, “extra shaken,” with olives at the Surfjack hotel’s restaurant Mahina & Sun’s. His order proves that he has more than coolness in common with James Bond, whose go-to order has always been a Vodka Martini, “shaken, not stirred.” Obama, though, took the classic call to the next level by asking for his drink to be “extra-shaken.” The man must love his ice chips.

Traditionally, Martinis are made with gin and dry vermouth, and stirred until well-chilled—never shaken. Thanks to Agent 007 though, people have been ordering shaken Martinis for decades. Now, perhaps, the Martini, extra-shaken, not stirred, will take over as the trendy order.

While we hope the former Commander-in-Chief occasionally opts for a classic Gin Martini, just to help set an example for cocktail-imbibing Americans, it’s safe to say that Obama has earned the right to order a stiff drink however he dang well pleases.