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Chill Wine in 30 Seconds with the Chillest Gadget Ever

Pronto Concepts / YouTube

While no one has quantified it yet, people spend entirely too much of their lives waiting for bottles to chill before they can start drinking. They can never get those hours back. But we will all be able to save ourselves from eons of wait time in the future, thanks to ProntoBev. The new gadget, recently launched on Indiegogo, promises to chill any beverage in 30 seconds. And no, that’s not a typo. That’s seconds with an s … and an econds.

In an uptempo, oddly smoke-filled infomercial, ProntoBev users dump bottles into one end of the gas can-like device, wait a tick, then pour from the spout on the other end. Inside, the liquid is chilled by something called ProntoGel, which we can only imagine comes straight from Willy Wonka’s distillery. A digital readout allows you to monitor the temperature as it drops so you can pull your booze at the right moment. Eventually you do have to chill the ProntoBev itself in the freezer, but the promo video promises you can use it “again, and again, and again” before you need to do so.

The Indiegogo campaign has already far surpassed its goal (it is 216-percent funded as of this writing), so we guess there are lots of impatient drinkers out there like us. But, since the device doesn’t ship until June 2018, you can still snag it at a pre-order discount rate ($100 instead of $140). If a hundred bucks seems steep, just think of it as payment for all the time you’ll save—time you could spend writing that novel, contributing to charity, or, more likely, drinking more.