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You Can Drink Prosecco in This Giant Grown-Up Ball Pit

We’ve spent our whole lives chasing that sensation we felt as kids—cannonballing into a giant, rainbow-colored pit and swimming through thousands of plastic balls. The closest we’ve come to that feeling as adults is drinking alcohol, but now we can combine the best of both by diving into the latest pop-up bar, Prosecco & Balls.

Prosecco & Balls is based in the United Kingdom, and has been traveling across England and Ireland since July to great success, offering patrons a way to feel young again without giving up their favorite grown-up treat: booze. According to Vinepair, the giant ball pit is filled with 250,000 multicolored plastic balls and 1,000 inflatable toys. Patrons can swim to the sides of the ball pit to enjoy Prosecco on draft and Prosecco cocktails, then take their bubbly beverage with them as they swim around the pit.

Thankfully, you don’t have to book a ticket to London to play at Prosecco & Balls; the pop-up is hosting its first United States-based event this March in San Francisco—hopefully the first of many national stops. While we imagine the ball pit gets pretty sticky pretty fast with all that booze sloshing around, the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese’s was never the most sanitary of attractions, so the stickiness probably just adds to the nostalgia factor. As long as the Prosecco keeps flowing, count us in.