The Queen of England Always Travels With These 3 Cocktail Ingredients

Queen Elizabeth knows a thing or two about the best ways to travel. In her 60-plus years as the Queen of England, she’s traveled enough miles to go around the world 42 times. Her key to making all of those excursions bearable? Always having the ingredients for a proper cocktail nearby.

The Queen never travels without gin, Dubonnet (a sweet, wine-based aperitif) and lemons, according to The Telegraph. Wherever she goes, her favorite Dubonnet Cocktail, which she makes with two parts Dubonnet to one part gin, is never far away. And while it may sound like a luxury to travel with your cocktail ingredients and tools, it’s also “for security reasons,” The Telegraph writes.

Oh, to be Royal. This dedication to the Dubonnet Cocktail might not surprise anyone familiar with the Queen’s drinking preferences. Her daily regimen includes a pre-lunch Dubonnet Cocktail, then a glass of wine with lunch and a Dry Martini afterward. A nightcap of Champagne tops off every day of nation leading.

Throwing that routine out of whack just because of a little travel is unacceptable for the Queen—arguably one of the most traveled people in the world. Less frequent travelers take note: It’s time to find ways to explore the world with your favorite cocktail in tow. We have a few ideas.