The Queen of England Drinks More Than You Do

You probably imagine Queen Elizabeth II as a kindly old lady who spends her days sipping tea and noshing on crumpets, but the 5-foot-4-inch royal dynamo didn’t get to the ripe old age of 91 by shunning all indulgences—she did it by downing four drinks a day, like the imperial boss she is. According to Business Insider, the queen’s solid diet doesn’t much interest her, but her liquid diet is regimented to a tee.

Cocktail hour starts early for Elizabeth; just before lunch she enjoys a Dubonnet Cocktail, a family tradition she inherited from her mother. Then comes a glass of wine with lunch, followed by a Dry Martini. To dry out a bit, Elizabeth goes alcohol free for afternoon tea and abstains during dinner (if she’s alone and not at a public function, that is). But she finishes the day off right with a glass of Champagne before bed, which we have to admit is a pretty impressive nightcap to end a long day of ruling a former empire.

With her four daily drinks, Queen Elizabeth easily clinches a high rank among boozy world leaders, though her 65 years of practice on the throne do give her a pretty handy advantage. We only hope, with enough practice, someday we can keep up with her.