A New York Bar Is Dressed as Moe’s Tavern for Halloween

Not content with throwing a simple Halloween costume party, an entire bar in New York is dressing up as Moe’s Tavern from The Simpsons. William Hallet, a bar in Astoria, Queens, has been converted into the cartoon pub with a purple facade and bright red “Moe’s” sign out front. But the thematic revelry wouldn’t be complete without some classic drinks and bar snacks from the show. At the Halloween party this weekend, William Hallet will serve Duff beer, Flaming Moe shots, Drunken Donuts infused with more Duff beer, and Million Dollar Fries.

According to Eater, this isn’t the first time the bar has dressed up for Halloween. In past years, it’s masqueraded as Paddy’s Pub from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and as the namesake burger shop from Bob’s Burgers. While you can always go to Universal Studios in Hollywood or Orlando to visit your favorite Springfield bar, those recreations are filled with creepy, life-size mannequins modeled after the cartoon stars. William Hallet, on the other hand, offers real life bartenders, decent booze, like-minded Simpsons fans and a raging Halloween party. If you’re considering a visit this weekend, be sure to stock up on yellow body paint for the costume contest, collect some soundclips from the show for the DJ contest, and practice your best “D’oh!”