Twist-Off Corks Are the Future (and the Future Is Now)

Forget all those bottle opening hacks and throw away your corkscrew. Red Truck Wines is bringing twist-off corks to America for the first time, helping wine drinkers get to their sweet grape nectar even quicker, and rendering bottle-opening gadgets obsolete. Cork manufacturer Amorim first debuted the Helix stopper at Vinexpo back in 2013. It was previously only available in Europe from brands like Castellani in Italy and Val d’Orbieu in France.

According to The Drinks Business, the cork combines the ease of a twist-off cap with the many benefits of cork. The stopper gets its name from the helix groove cut into the side, which allows for easy twisting while keeping the cork secure. According to the CEO of Bronco, which owns Red Truck, the corks are also 100 percent sustainable, so you can feel good about the speed you're going through bottles.