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You Can Rent This Irish Pub on Airbnb

Courtesy of Airbnb

Get ready for the ultimate Ireland vacation, in which you don’t just go to pubs—you stay in one. Conroy’s Old Bar in Aglish, County Tipperary, is the world’s first ever “vacation pub,” which tourists (or locals looking for a dream staycation) can rent for just 100 euros ($117) per night on Airbnb.

Unfortunately, that price doesn’t include booze. You’ll have to provide that for yourself, as the traditional Irish pub is now “self-catered.” But once you’ve got it stocked, you’re free to play barkeep and whip up Irish whiskey cocktails for your friends all night long. Plus, Aglish’s own working village pub is only a short walk away, should you wish to study up on your Guinness technique before pouring your own pints.

Before you roll your sleeping bag out behind the bar, know that renters don’t actually sleep among the taps. The pub includes bedrooms and a living room complete with peat fire for late-night fireside sipping. Much of the bar itself has been converted into a kitchen with a fridge and stove hidden behind the bar.

While we may dream of sneaking into our favorite watering hole and living there forever, Conroy’s seems like a more reasonable option for a boozy sleepover. Just don’t forget to pack plenty of Irish whiskey and a tip jar (just because they’re your friends, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t tip).