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This Reusable Wine Pouch Is the Ultimate BYOB Hack

Many a romantic picnic have been ruined by a broken bottle of wine. Even if you wrap the bottle in your picnic blanket, treat your delicate package with the utmost care, and take all due precautions, still you might end up with a basket full of wine-soaked, glass-studded picnic fare. And the odds of bottle survival plummet even further if you’re considering a BYOB booze cruise or a hiking trip with a bottled companion. That is, until the VinoGo wine pouch came along.

Like an adult Go-Gurt, the new VinoGo swaps a hard package for a plastic sleeve, allowing drinkers on the go to decant a bottle to bring on all their rigorous boozy activities without worrying about breakage. The 750-milliliter pouch, detailed to resemble a traditional wine bottle, bends to fit your cramped carry-all and withstand any accidental bumps. Plus, unlike wines prepackaged in bags, VinoGo is cleanable and reusable, making it a permanent addition to your BYOB arsenal. All that for just $7, by the way.

While the VinoGo may sacrifice the romantic style of a nice bottle for ultimate utility, don’t rule out the tool for your next date in the park. Consider how impressed your companion will be by such a well-prepared, savvy drinker. Then whip out your beverage stakes, and watch your date turn to mush.