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Watch This Method Actor Down Tequila Shots to Get Into Character

Method acting helps performers really tap into the emotional state of a character, but when that character is an alcoholic mad scientist like Rick of Rick and Morty, things can get a bit messy on set. Showing true devotion to his craft, co-creator and Rick-voicer Justin Roiland recently double fisted the mic and a bottle of tequila for a particularly boozy episode of the Adult Swim cartoon. Of course, the crew documented the actor’s heroic sacrifice for his “art” on video, though, considering the resulting chaos in the studio, the video may act as a PSA to keep booze out of the recording booth.

With pessimistic genius weighing on his unstable mind, Rick is never far from a bottle, so to truly capture the mad scientist’s drunken state, show co-creator Dan Harmon suggested the method strategy. Harmon, it should be noted, was noticeably absent from the recording studio when it all went down. “I understand things got a little…creative,” Harmon offers in the video from the comfort of his office. Meanwhile, the techs attempt to dissuade Roiland from downing a fifth shot of tequila to no avail, and the actor pretty much just curses them out when they try to keep him on script.

While the session turned out to be the least productive in the show’s three-season history, it also produced ridiculous, filthy cartoon gold. So the next time you’re watching Rick and Morty and the plot gets a little extra creative, you can assume someone at the studio just pulled out the tequila again.