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Rihanna at the Grammys Is Our New Drinkspiration

Rihanna may not have won any awards at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, but she definitely won our boozy hearts by carousing her way through the marathon show. Rih BYO-ed the gala with a diamond-encrusted flask—something we never knew we wanted but now can’t stop thinking about—and, following proper flask etiquette, passed it around.

On several occasions, the cameras "happened upon" Rihanna as she took a swig from her bedazzled vessel and wiped her mouth on her hand like a boss lady. With that kind of baller behavior going on in the seats, it’s no surprise camera operators compulsively returned to the singer’s personal party—though one of our favorite moments was the epic side-eye she threw at a passing camera.

Even as she was passed over for awards, she drank to party, not to mope. And, not wanting to leave anyone out of the fun, she even Facetimed an absent pal for a dance.

The pop star’s antics really shouldn’t come as any surprise, as she’s developed an endearing habit of exiting restaurants with a wine glass still firmly gripped in her perfectly manicured hand.

Rih Rih may have been robbed at the ballot box, but she is definitely our new lifestyle hero, inspiring us to new drinking #goals. The next time we feel down and out, we’ll just think of Rihanna and hear her whisper in our ears, “I think it’s time for another shot.”