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Rihanna Explains Why She Takes Wine Glasses From Clubs, Bars

Rihanna has a habit of taking her full wine glass to go when she leaves bars, restaurants and clubs. Photos of her walking out, glass in hand, have been popping up for years. It doesn’t matter if it’s the dead of summer, middle of winter, if she’s in the U.K.—whatever. Rihanna collects other people’s wine glasses like the Little Mermaid collects random stuff from the shore. Yet, for all the attention Rihanna and her stemware collection gets, no one has really questioned her. Until now.

On the BBC’s “The Graham Norton” show, the host was interviewing Rihanna about her recent role as Nine Ball in the new Ocean’s 8. Her character plays a high-class thief, but Norton was more interested in Rihanna’s real heists.

“All I’m saying is, watch yourself around Rihanna,” Norton said. “Now, Rihanna, I don’t know if you know how criminal you are.” He pulled up some photos, and asked, “Did you ask permission from the club when you left holding this glass?”

Rihanna looked at the photo skeptically and gave a Shaggy “It Wasn’t Me” type response: “That might have been one I took to the club,” she slowly said. Which, fine. If she took it there it’s hers to take back. From her initial responses, it seems like Rihanna just always has a wine glass on her, and you can’t steal something that you always have with you. So Norton pulled up more pictures (he had plenty of material to work from). Rihanna half laughed throughout, but did offer insight into what happened to one particular glass that she took when leaving a fashion show.

“I took that back to the hotel that I took it from,” she said, looking like she was trying to hold back a smile and flipping her hair.

Norton ended the montage with a photo of Rihanna walking out with a half drunk wine bottle with a cork sticking out. Rihanna’s only response: “My mom is going to see this.”

Will we ever know how large Rihanna’s wine glass collection truly is? Probably not. Will it continue? Chances are yes. And we can’t think of a club that would be bitter about it.