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This Bar's Robot Can Read Your Mind

Don’t bother shouting your order to bartenders at The Bletchley—their robot already knows what you want before you say a word, decoding your personality to craft the perfect drink just for you. The newest London pop-up bar from the creative collective, Lollipop, set to open on March 17, takes inspiration from famed WWII code-breaker Alan Turing, who broke Nazi codes to help the Allies win the war. In a similarly noble venture, the bar uses “enigma machines” to decode visitors’ unique beverage cravings based on their personality, taste, desires and aroma (so make sure you shower before showing up at the bar or you’ll risk getting a seriously funky drink).

After the terminal has plumbed the necessary info from users’ subconsciouses, it sends the decrypted info over radio waves—as Turing would have it—to bartenders to create individualized drinks. The servers even print out the recipes for drinkers to take home with them in covert, sealed envelopes.

Given Lollipop’s success with previous themed pop-ups—like the Breaking Bad themed bar ABQ and a naked restaurant called The Bunyadi—it comes as no surprise that The Bletchley is already earning the attention of espionage enthusiasts. Over 7,500 drinkers have cracked the code on the website to earn a spot on the waitlist, so you may have to wait some time for your chance to infiltrate the secret bunker, the rumored location of the bar, to learn your ideal cocktail. Or you could just choose “bartender’s choice” the next time you go to your local bar and skip all the spy games.