Rosé 40s Are Here to Make Your Summer Epic

What’s better than rosé? MOAR rosé. If you find your reserves of that blush-colored elixir constantly running dry, upgrade from your standard bottle to the best thing to ever happen to summertime drinking: rosé 40s. The new oversized pink wine from Forty Ounce Wines has premiered just in time for rosé season. No more mid-beach session liquor runs for you. These massive jugs will keep you stocked from brunch til happy hour.

Repackaging rosé in a 40-ounce container converges several trends, building on the acceptance of brosé among the Edward 40 Hands-playing crowd and satisfying everyone’s need for rosé erryday. At just $16—cheaper than many standard bottles of wine—the plus-sized bottle also offers major value for the price. But don’t go calling it cheap—according to Delish, it comes from Loire Valley vintner Julien Braud, and the brand also produces a quality Muscadet.

Only 1,200 cases are available in just five states—New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Colorado—due to a limited stock that creator Patrick Cappiello blames on a poor crop in 2016. But that scarcity will just make it all the more impressive when you roll up to your Memorial Day barbecue with a coolerful of blushing 40s.

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