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Rosé Capri Sun Pouches Exist and We Wish We Thought Them of First

Courtesy of Electric Rosé

When you were a kid and adults didn't trust you with anything remotely breakable, they'd slap a squishable, squeezable Capri Sun in your hand and let you run wild. Now, a new rosé brand is applying that packaging to (moderately more trustworthy) adults, letting free spirited drinkers run about town with a packet of pink booze to go. It's perfect for the park, the subway, your kid's little league game, jury duty—you name it.

The single-serving wine pouch, called Electric Rosé, finally makes it socially acceptable to sip rosé from a straw. While the colorful pouches may scream fun on the outside, branded with a big pink lightning bolt like a maelstrom of millennial feels, they’re all business within. There’s six ounces of booze in each packet (a fairly heavy pour compared to the industry standard five ounces), and the wine clocks in at 12.5 percent. That works out to 1.5 bottles in each six-pack, or as we call it, a heck of an afternoon.

At the moment, Electric Rosé is only available in a handful of states—Georgia, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Tennessee—but we’re betting the brand will soon see requests fly in from drinkers everywhere. As the website says, “Electric Rosé is taking summer by storm! [see what we did there?]” We do, Electric Rosé. We do see.

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