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Sake-Flavored Kit Kats Are All We Need This Year

If you love boozy chocolate and sake bombs, then we’re about to blow your mind: Sake Kit Kat bars exist. These limited edition bars are made with white chocolate and sake powder for a candy bar worthy of happy hour.

Lest you think the sake contributes to the flavor alone, these Kit Kats do contain actual alcohol, albeit only .8 percent. Nestlé Japan told Buzzfeed News that “children and lightweight drinkers are kindly requested to refrain from consuming this product.”

While the inventive Kit Kat flavor hit shelves in Japan last year, the product is still capturing attention worldwide, leading many Westerners to wonder when they’ll be able to buy the candy stateside. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be plans to bring sake-flavored Kit Kats overseas.

The good news: You can still buy the boozy bars on Kit Kat’s Amazon page. But you may want to hurry—at the time of writing, only three are left in stock. If you miss out, you can still find the Kit Kats online from third-party sellers of Japanese goods, and of course, in Japan itself—yet another reason to book a ticket.