The San Francisco Bay Area Looks Mesmerizing in This Timelapse Video

Published On 06/15/2015 Published On 06/15/2015

If you thought Rice-a-Roni was the real San Francisco treat, well... you'd be right, because it is. But, if Rice-a-Roni somehow wasn't the San Francisco treat, this sweet timelapse would totally fit the bill. 

Shot and edited by Greg Danner, the video includes iconic attractions like Muir Woods and the Golden Gate Bridge, interspersed with 21st Century landmarks like Pixar Studios and Apple's Cupertino campus. Yes, several of the places featured in the video (like Cannery Row and Point Pinos Lighthouse) are located in Monterey, which isn't technically a part of the Bay Area, but hey -- isn't San Francisco all about inclusion and acceptance?

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