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Sangria Juice Boxes Are Here For Your Summer

Public service announcement for winos who plan to make the most of summer: Sangria now comes in grab-and-go juice boxes. Beso Del Sol, a wine company that sells pre-made Sangria from Spain, sells boxes of red, white and rosé Sangria in 500 milliliter boxes (about the equivalent of three glasses).

The juice boxes are called Tetra Paks, and Beso Del Sol claims it’s the first and only Sangria that comes in them. (Editor’s note: It is not. California’s Three Thieves Bandit sold a Sangria in Tetra Paks that has since been discontinued.) Each one has a resealable screw cap and comes with some serious environmentally friendly bonafides: fully recyclable and, compared to a traditional bottle, has less than half the carbon footprint, 85 percent less packaging waste and contributes 79 percent less greenhouse gas emissions.

Beso Del Sol may lay claim to owning the boxed Sangria market, but it’s far from the only wine in a to-go box. Three Thieves Bandit still offers red, white and rosé wine in Tetra Paks (they started way back in 2006), and there’s also Black Box, which sells a wide range of wines in boxes called GoPacks (as well as boxed spirits). For now, though, Beso Del Sol is the only place where you can get your juice box Sangria fix.

You can find Beso Del Sol all over the U.S. and track a box down yourself using the company’s store locator. Now go forth and summer Spanish style.