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Drinking This Beer Helps Save Tigers

The next time you head out on a beer run, consider choosing a brand that will also do some good for the planet. Tiger Beer, the internationally-popular, Singapore-based brand owned by Heineken, has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to aid tiger conservation efforts, in a campaign they call 3890Tigers.

The name of the campaign is a reference to the current tiger population, which is estimated to be only 3,890, after a 96 percent decrease over the last century. The six-year partnership between Tiger Beer and WWF will support the Tx2 goal, a commitment made by the 13 countries where tigers live freely to double the wild tiger population to 6,000 tigers by 2022; Tiger Beer has already donated $1 million toward the cause.

Tiger Beer also enlisted six artists to create original pieces of tiger-inspired artwork for the 3890Tigers website. They encourage people to upload a selfie onto the art  and share on social media to help spread awareness. Additionally, Tiger Beer will release a limited edition bottle and packaging design, removing the namesake creature from the logo, which has donned the beer for 84 years.

“We can’t imagine a world without tigers, and if they disappear, it would not only have an environmental impact, but also be a real loss for our culture,” said Mie-Leng Wong, Global Director of Tiger Beer, Heineken Asia Pacific, in a statement.

The trend of alcohol brands supporting wildlife conservation is one we’re definitely excited to see expanding. Between this beer, a rum that helps sea turtles, a vodka that helps snow leopards, a gin that helps elephants and another rum that also helps save tigers, we’ll soon be able to fill up our whole bar cart for a cause.