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Snorkeling Trail Opens in the Scottish Highlands

The Highlands of Scotland may be known for single malt scotch, lake monsters and rolling, grassy moors, but now there’s yet another reason to visit: snorkeling.

Earlier this week the Scottish Wildlife Council announced the country’s first snorkeling trail. The stretch of nine beaches and bays along the coast of Wester Ross and Sutherland is, apparently, teeming with sea creatures like dogfish, jellyfish, sunstars and sea urchins, along with bigger specimens like dolphins and basking sharks.

“The [trail] features some fantastic sheltered headlands and beaches that are great places for snorkeling,” Noel Hawkins, Living Seas Communities Officer for the Scottish Wildlife Trust said in a press release. “The new trail is self-led, but we are hoping to establish a training program for local people to become qualified snorkel instructors, and also a snorkel club at the local leisure centre to introduce younger members of the community to snorkeling and their local marine environment.”

Hawkins also says the move was inspired, in part, by climate change.

“The snorkel trail will encourage more people to explore the fragile habitats below the waves and the marine life they support, whilst also helping to raise awareness of the need to protect them,” he says.

So the next time you head to Scotland to re-up on your single-malt stock, be sure to pack your wetsuit.