Sex, Scotch and Cigars Are the Secret to a Long Life, Says 99-Year-Old Woman

We’ve heard centenarians credit their long lives to everything from Gin & Tonics to sushi to Miller High Life, but we think one Las Vegas woman has finally concocted the ultimate potion for everlasting youth. According to the Deccan Chronicle, 99-year-old Gladys Stroud believes the secret to immortality is a mix of scotch, cigars and sex.

Stroud’s easy-going, indulgent lifestyle has helped her stay positive and youthful—she even tried adding marijuana to her regimen, but it “didn’t work out.” She still drives around Las Vegas in her Oldsmobile Intrigue and babysits her great-great-granddaughter and grandson. Stroud also spends her spare time volunteering at the library twice a week, exercising at the community center and playing mahjong. And then, of course, there’s the cigars, sex and scotch.

Stroud has remained very optimistic in the face of hardship, having lost both of her husbands to heart disease and nearly dying herself. While delivering her first child, Stroud almost died due to heavy bleeding.

Not only is she positive that she’ll become an official centenarian next year, but she also believes she’ll make it to 200. Considering her foolproof method for staying young, we have no reason not to believe her.