Kenny G Now Makes Extra-Smooth Gin

Smooth jazz makes everything sexier, from the waiting room at your doctor’s office to an overstuffed elevator. And no one is smoother than jazz maestro Kenny G. But now Kenny is focusing his sultry skills elsewhere: The sexy sax man just took up co-ownership of Hana Gin, helping the San Francisco-based distillery produce a velvety spirit worthy of an epic soprano saxophone solo.

Always one to set the scene for his passionate grooves, Kenny G will be slinging his booze at tour stops across the country with a line of custom cocktails, including a drink that will live forever as the best named cocktail in the history of cocktails: the Kenny G&T. According to a press release, the Gin & Tonic variation adds Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur and orange juice to the usual duo, playing up the orange notes in the Hana gin and taming the tonic’s fizz a bit for an ultimately suave sipper.

Kenny G joins an impressive roster of celebrity liquor brand owners, though he is one of the few to enter into the gin category. No matter what you think of Kenny’s unending saxy indulgences, his floral, fruity gin is ready to serenade your taste buds—just don’t take the party to your doctor’s office.