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Every Shower Beer Needs a SipCaddy

Shower beers are one of life’s greatest joys. The combination of hot water and cold beer is luxury at its finest. But what happens when you need to lather up or scrub down? You’re faced with the dilemma of finding a safe place to set your beer, which almost always winds up being the toilet seat, or somehow holding it in your mouth, which never, ever works out. There has to be a better way. And, luckily, there is—and it’s available for just $13.95 on Amazon.

The SipCaddy is, essentially, a cup holder attached to a suction cup, so you can secure it to the shower wall (for the aforementioned shower beers) or the bathtub for some relaxing bathtime wine time (or even cocktail time). The product page boasts that it is the “only cupholder in the world that also holds wine glasses,” along with everything from cans to Solo cups to “some coffee mugs.” The product page also shows the SipCaddy holding a shampoo bottle—but who are they kidding? This is for booze, booze and only booze.

Available in a variety of colors, the SipCaddy has received many glowing reviews touting its strength, durability and versatility—one reviewer brilliantly used it to hold his cocktails in a hotel pool. In short, the SipCaddy is your shortcut to living the dream. We’ve already secured them to every available surface in our lives. Now, we’re never lost for a place to set our drink.