This Ice Cube Orders You Drinks (to Distract From World Domination)

The internet of things has finally reached the bar. This past weekend, vermouth brand Martini & Rossi premiered a smart ice cube at the Italian F1 Grand Prix in Monza, Italy. The Smart Cube, which looks like a real, frozen ice cube (except for the embedded glowing red light that’s unnervingly similar to HAL 9000), promises to automatically order you another drink when your glass runs low, thereby alleviating long lines at busy bars and saving patrons the hassle of actually interacting with a bartender.

According to Bacardi (which owns Martini), the Bluetooth-enabled ice cube is 3D printed using food-safe resin and NASA aerogel, which keeps it cold and buoyant. The cube sends custom app notifications to bartenders up to 90 feet away, complete with your order and exact location.

If you’re worried that Martini’s invention will enable binge drinking, fear not—the cube restricts auto-orders to two drinks. (Ask for a third and we expect it to respond, “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”) The company also notes smart ice cubes could, in the future, help ensure drinks aren’t tampered with or to help individuals locate their friends at a busy bar. While the invention seems promising—if a bit Skynet-y—we’ll stick to the tried and true way of getting a drink for now: asking for one, politely.