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Smirnoff Ice Will Pay You $500 to Take Off Work This July 4th

America’s birthday is coming up on Wednesday of next week, which means your Fourth of July celebrations will be on the tamer side—unless, of course, you can take the following Thursday and Friday off work. If you were just going to settle for one day off, Smirnoff Ice is offering a little extra incentive to extend your vacation: $500.

“I think we can all agree that Wednesday isn’t enough time to celebrate America’s birthday. Who wants to head back to work and do work things when you could be on a beach, on a boat or on a mountain celebrating the good ole US of A?,” Krista Kiisk, the brand director for Smirnoff Ice, said in a statement. “America deserves more than 24 hours. That’s why we’re giving hard-working Americans the chance to extend their holiday another 48 hours by paying 100 people to take July 5th and 6th off, so they can extend the fun the Smirnoff Ice way.”

For the chance to be one of the 100 lucky people, you simply need to leave a comment on the Smirnoff Facebook or Instagram page about how you’d spend a five day weekend. The chosen will receive a check in the mail for $500 to use however they like. The winnings break out to $250 each for Thursday and Friday, which is about the equivalent per-day pay for someone who makes $65,000 a year. You don’t technically have to take the days off (you don’t even need to be employed to win), but celebrating your $500 winnings wouldn’t be the same if you stayed in the office.

The 100 people are chosen at random from the comments on Smirnoff’s Facebook and Instagram pages. So stop daydreaming about what you’d do on a five day weekend and write it out. You might just be rewarded for it.