New Austin Business Delivers Booze and Know-how

A raftofnew liquor delivery services have come on the market in the past few years, each offering relatively similar services. Sourced Craft Cocktails out of Austin, Texas, is banking that people want more. Their new cocktail delivery service promises not only to deliver supplies and equipment for your cocktails, but to teach you to make them in your home.

Within three hours of a customer placing an order, a “certified Sourced mixologist” will arrive at the door bearing cocktail supplies. The delivery-bartender will then lead a short demonstration on how to mix the selected cocktails or show a video featuring the startup’s creative director Brian Floyd, bar manager at Austin’s excellent Weather Up.

The rotating cocktail menu, designed by Floyd, features classics such as Old Fashioneds and French 75s, but also some regionally themed drinks including the Texas Mule and Texas Paloma. Sourced CEO and founder Tim Angelillo launched the service specifically to help home bartenders host parties, so cocktail packages come in orders of six drinks ($50, serves two people), 12 drinks ($75, serves four to six), and 30 drinks ($160, serves 10 to 15).

After the Sourced-catered soirée has wound down, customers pack everything back up in the delivery barrel it came in and put it out by the door for pickup. Normally we’d scoff at the gazillionth mobile-app liquor delivery service launched in partnership with a high profile bartender catering to lazy drinkers, but we’ll make an exception in this case. Sourced is actually teaching its customers how to be better home bartenders. And we have confidence that one day those customers will get up the guts to put on a pair of pants and head to an actual, not-in-your-phone liquor store.