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You Can Now Buy Spreadable Pornstar Martini Marmalade

It’s quite possible you’ve never ordered a Pornstar Martini before, but now you can skip the shame of asking your bartender what it is and spread it on your toast instead. Firebox, the company behind Spreadable Gin and Tonic and liquor made with the tears of mythical creatures, now sells Spreadable Pornstar marmalade made with vodka and passion fruit.

The marmalade is made with sugar, oranges, lime, lemon, passion fruit puree, passion fruit, vodka, citric acid and vanilla. There’s not enough vodka in it to get you tipsy, it’s just added for flavor and to make it taste like a proper Pornstar Martini should.

Firebox describes “each sinful spoonful contains real ripe passion fruit puree, balanced out with juicy oranges and tart citrus, and straddled by a vicious twist of vodka,” adding, “spread it, drink it, bake with it, lick it, spoon it, swallow it, sensually smear it over your lover.” There’s also a disclaimer that Spreadable Pornstar is “a bit sticky.”

The Pornstar Martini has always had a bit of a sticky past thanks to its name. It’s made with passion fruit, vodka, vanilla syrup and lime juice, then served with a sidecar of Champagne. London bartender Douglas Ankrah invented it at his LAB bar in the early 2000s, and swears that there’s nothing sexual about it, just that it’s “something that a pornstar would drink.” Nevertheless, it fell out of favor despite being a tasty, balanced cocktail. Only recently has the drink started to make its way back onto drink lists, like the Frozen Pornstar Martini at Underdog in New York City and the classically made Pornstar Martini at the award-winning Bitter & Twisted in Phoenix, Arizona.

For now, Spreadable Pornstar is only available in the U.K. like the rest of Firebox’s products that contain alcohol. But the company has reportedly been looking to find an importer in the U.S. to bring alcohol products stateside. Hopefully that will include the new Pornstar Martini marmalade.