You Can Drink This Yoda Cocktail on ‘Star Wars’ Day

May the force be with you—or shall we say, the fourth. As you probably already know from the nerds clogging your Facebook feed, today is “May the Fourth,” otherwise known as the unofficial Star Wars day. And in celebration of the intergalactic holiday, Tampa-based gastropub Datz is serving up a secret Star Wars-themed cocktail menu for those who are one with the force.

Named after the beloved, backwards-talking Jedi master, “A Drink, Yoda is,” looks like it’d be the best cocktail on Dagobah.Created by bar manager Morgan Zuch, this bright mezcal drink gets its neon green hue from matcha tea concentrate, and a hint of spice from fresh jalapeños and spicy honey syrup. The drink is garnished with two whole jalapeños wedged onto opposite sides of the glass to resemble Yoda’s long, pointy ears.


While the other two drinks on the Star Wars menu don’t outwardly resemble iconic characters, they still look delicious. “The Dark Side” features Kraken black spiced rum, dark crème de cacao, chocolate stout and a black glitter gel syrup, garnished with a light saber (OK, it’s a mini red glow stick, but that isn’t going to stop us from swinging it around). The “Galaxy...far, far away” mixes Cognac, vanilla liqueur, blackberries and prosecco, and is garnished with yellow star sprinkles.

If you can’t make it down to Florida today, you can still get your May the Fourth on by mixing up the Yoda cocktail at home, a perfect accompaniment for a boozy Star Wars marathon while you wait for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi to come out next winter.

A drink, Yoda is

By Morgan Zuch, Datz, Tampa


  • 1 oz Montebolos Mezcal
  • 1 oz Clement Coco
  • .5 oz Matcha tea concentrate
  • 3 slices Fresh jalapeños
  • .75 oz Bee’s Knees Spicy Honey Syrup
  • .75 oz Fresh lime juice
  • 4 dashes Orange flower water
  • 2 whole jalapeños, for garnish


  • Muddle jalapeño slices with honey syrup, lime juice and matcha tea concentrate.
  • Add mezcal, Clement Coco and orange flower water.
  • Add ice, shake and double strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice.
  • Garnish with two jalapeño peppers, wedged on either side of the glass to look like ears, and sprinkle dried coconut on top.