Starbucks Now Makes Boilermakers

In the latest step in Starbucks’s evolution from cafe into coffee-themed dive bar, the brand has released their take on a Boilermaker. The Espresso Cloud™ IPA on the chain’s evening menu is a lot like the classic combo of a beer and a shot, though the shot in this case is vanilla-and-orange-infused espresso.

According to Starbucks, the R&D team produced the new drink after experimenting with the shakerato, an old school Italian method of shaking a shot of espresso with ice and simple syrup. Shaking gives the espresso shot extra foam, which baristas scoop from the shaker tin and add to the head of the IPA.

The espresso and beer are served side by side, and drinkers are encouraged to add the espresso directly to the beer and consume the pair together. It seems the proper technique is to pour the espresso in, rather than dropping the shot glass into the beer like a classic Boilermaker—snore. Still, with the cocktail shaker’s arrival behind the coffee bar, it’s only a matter of time before we get more coffee-based tipples. Boozy PSL, anyone?