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Starbucks to Open 1,000 Stores That Will Serve Alcohol

The first new cocktail-serving Starbucks Reserve store opened recently in Seattle, leaving the rest of the country feeling a little left out. But we have good news: There are 999 more on the way. Yes, the possibility of starting and ending your day at Starbucks has inched one step closer to reality. Because, in addition to coffee, the Seattle Starbucks Reserve and the 999 others that are in the works feature baked goods and a “mixology bar.”

Starbucks’ home city of Seattle gets to see the Reserve stores first, but it’s a glimpse of what’s to come for other cities that’ll be getting Starbucks bars and bartenders. The wood-topped bar, located right next to a bakery and a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, is “for later in the day,” a press release states, “with traditional Italian aperitivo, such as Aperol Spritz paired with small plates, as well as beer, wine and spirits.”

Reserves are similar to the giant, upscale Reserve Roastery concepts in Seattle and Shanghai, only smaller. The Reserve Roastery is where Starbucks first gained attention for experimenting behind the bar, and that’s now carrying over to the scaled-down Reserves. Presumably, that means you can get the same off-menu espresso cocktails the Roastery serves.

For now, you have to visit Seattle to see what it’s like to live in a world where you can go to Starbucks before work for coffee, then after work for drinks. Chicago will be the site of the second location, according to Eater, while the bigger Roasteries will be in Milan, New York, Tokyo and Chicago by 2020.