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Starbucks Is Now Serving Moscow Mules

Continuing its midlife crisis as a coffeehouse yearning to become a bar, Starbucks has unveiled yet another beverage swiped from the bartop. This time it’s a caffeinated take on a Moscow Mule, though the vodka was lost in translation. The mocktail is served in the classic Moscow Mule copper mug, leaving us to ponder: Without the classic Starbucks cup, how will the barista be able to misspell your name?

According to Bon Appétit, the Emerald City Mule—named after the company’s hometown of Seattle rather than the mythical city from the land of Oz—swaps out the usual vodka for Starbucks Reserve Cold Brew, then adds ginger beer, burnt cinnamon syrup, fresh lemon and an apple slice for garnish.

Along with the Mule, Starbucks is also offering a take on a Whiskey Sour called the Cascara Sour. It’s made with maple syrup-sweetened cold brew aged in bourbon barrels from Woodinville Whiskey Co., the same distillery responsible for the barrel-aged beans used for the company’s whiskey-flavored coffee. The Cascara gets a dash of lemon juice, Cascara sugar (made from the fruit that surrounds the coffee bean) and a Luxardo maraschino cherry, giving it all the trappings of the classic lowball cocktail.

At the moment, the two new drinks are only available at the Starbucks Roastery in Seattle, but other drinks incubated there, like the Manhattan-inspired Melrose mocktail, expanded to locations in other cities. So don’t be alarmed if you see Starbucks customers casually sipping drinks from Moscow Mule mugs and think you somehow slipped into a super-secret speakeasy. It’s still a coffeehouse—we think.

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