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This Tipsy Lemur Is Your New Spirit Animal

We already knew Lemurs as the adorable bad-asses of the animal kingdom. First they made a raft and sailed to Madagascar and claimed it as their own. Then, they elected females as the dominant leaders of their newly founded settlement. And, of course, they started a wedding-dance phenomenon by showing us how to move it, move it. Now, lemurs have proven once again why they are our spirit animal: They love boozing it up as much as we do.

A new study conducted by Dartmouth College recently examined whether aye-ayes, a particularly cute, wide-eyed type of lemur, enjoyed alcohol. The aye-ayes were studied for 15 days, during which they were offered alcoholic sugary solutions with varying levels of alcohol concentration. The lemurs consistently preferred the booziest option available.

Most other animals tend to avoid alcohol, which is found naturally in the wild in fermented fruits, nectars and honeys, because the toxins can damage the liver (humans were previously thought to be the only animals that choose to overlook this detail). However, genetic studies found that the enzyme for alcohol tolerance exists in some primates, including lemurs.

When their bottles ran dry, the aye-ayes even did a spot-on impression of us at last call—pointing to their empty drinks and demanding more. See what we mean? Spirit animals.