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Your Cocktail Party Needs This Gorgeous Sugar & Cloth Set

Curating beauty in your everyday life can be hard. We can’t all live the Instagram influencer aesthetic, after all. Thankfully we have Sugar & Cloth—a lifestyle blog and brand—and Amazon to pick up the slack. Sugar & Cloth’s founder Ashley Rose partnered with everyone’s favorite bulk pickle juice seller and last-minute deal finder to create a line of affordable, disposable and photo-ready party products. There are 40 new items, including everything you need to throw together a chic cocktail party. Which means one thing: You have two days to plan your get-together before Amazon Prime delivers your gorgeous Sugar & Cloth goods.

Disposable Plastic Champagne Coupe Set, Gold Stripes ($9.99)

Don’t trust your friends with your favorite glassware. These coupes are ideal for any cocktail served up or a glass of Champagne (or Prosecco or Cava). Plus, the gold stripes add a little something extra that will have you feeling more than all right.

Disposable Print Cactus Plastic Tumbler Set ($10.99)

Your Margarita needs this. And your Paloma. And any drink on the rocks drink, really. They’re guaranteed to charm any of your guests, even the ones in a prickly mood.

Ombre Multi-Color Straws ($9.99)

Why have one color when you can have many? Don’t get short strawed. Sip your Highballs in style.

Disposable Plastic Champagne Coupe Set, Pink ($9.99)

Give every non-pink cocktail a pink hue with these light pink coupes.

Disposable Plastic Pitcher & Tumbler Set ($19.99)

Make spring and summer taste (and look) better. Serve your cocktails in an ombre pitcher that matches the glasses.

Paper Straws, Gold Starburst ($9.99)

Make your drink shine as bright as you do with shimmering gold straws.