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Flights Just Got More Bearable With These Gummy Bear Cocktail Kits

There are three ways to go about acquiring a drinkable cocktail mid-flight. You can pack some mini liquor bottles and small vials of citrus juice for the ride, trust the flight attendant to mix something that tastes worth the double-digit price tag, or bring a Sugarfina cocktail kit. The last option comes with little cocktail-flavored gummy bears. So you decide.

Sugarfina collaborated with W&P design to take in-flight cocktail kits up a notch. The kits come in Rosé All Day, Champagne Bears, Bourbon Bears and Moscow Mule Bears. Like W&P’s other carry on cocktail kits, each carry on tin contains everything you need to make two cocktails besides the booze. The limited-edition Sugarfina options also come with the company’s much-hyped gummy bears.

The addition of gummy bears may seem a little superfluous. It’s not. That little bit of extra is just what it takes to make you forget about the screaming baby, cramped middle seat and person who is definitely spreading some sort of flu with every cough. The Rosé All Day comes with rosé gummy bears and elderflower syrup; the Champagne Bears kit comes with Champagne gummy bears and elderflower syrup; the Bourbon Bears kit comes with bitters, brown sugar and bourbon gummy bears; and the Moscow Mule Bears kit comes with ginger syrup and Moscow Mule-flavored gummy bears. All of the kits make two cocktails and come with the requisite spoon, jigger and coaster.

Cost is a consideration here. Each kit costs $25, plus whatever you pay for the minis. But one thing is certain if the price is right for you: Whether you pop the bears as a pre-cocktail snack or use them as a post-cocktail chaser, you’ll be the envy of whatever row you’re in. Plus a gummy bear cocktail pic is a way better airplane ‘gram than the shot of the wing you took out of the tiny window.