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Drink This Canned Wine to Support Planned Parenthood

unionwinecompany / instagram

If we donated as much money to our favorite causes as we spend drinking wine, the world would be a very different place (and we'd be doubly broke, because there's no way we're giving up our beloved vino). Luckily, now we don't have to choose because all the profits from the new Get It Girl canned wine go straight to Planned Parenthood.

The feminist wine—a blend of Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris—comes from Union Wine Co., which has already helped revolutionize the wine industry with their millennial-friendly Underwood canned wine. The brand teamed up with women’s apparel company Wildfang shortly after the 2016 election, according to Delish. Wildfang CEO Emma Mcilroy explained, “We wanted to make a clear statement in support of women's rights and make some kind of positive impact. We also like to drink a lot of wine, so it felt like a match made in heaven."

You can support the women’s health care cause by buying a four-pack on the Union Wine Co. website for $28, or a flat of 24 cans for $84. The brands intend to pay forward 100 percent of the profits until reaching their $100,000 goal, so you’ve got a lot of drinking to do. That warm fuzzy feeling you’re getting isn't the wine, though; it's bold political action. OK, maybe it's both.