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New Taco Bell Speakeasy Is Serving Free Food Right Now

Taco Bell continues its foray into cocktail culture with a new pop-up speakeasy in New York. The bar opened yesterday on Lafayette Street and is going strong until 8 p.m. tonight, but don’t think you can just roll in. Reservations are required.

Why all the secretive behavior? According to the very real Council for Eating Fried Chicken the Same Way You Always Have, Taco Bell’s new Naked Chicken Chalupa should be avoided by “decent” folks at all costs. So the company is fighting back against “chalupa prohibition” with a speakeasy serving Jalapeño Margaritas, Grapefruit Moscow Mules and, of course, free fried chicken chalupas, Tasting Table reports.

If you’re in the area, you need to get to this Taco Bell speakeasy ASAP, because after today, it, and all of the free fried chicken chalupas you can eat, will be gone.

Oh, and while you’re at it, stop off at one (or both) of Amazon’s free open bar speakeasies as well. Today is turning out to be one a heck of a day for free drinks in NYC!