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Target Is Launching Dedicated Wine and Beer Stores

If you’ve been searching for a quality spot to pick up wine and beer on a budget, you can now follow the bullseye to Target.

Over the next two years, the retailer plans to roll out a series of annex stores dedicated solely to wine and beer, making the store a one-stop-shop for your next shindig. According to Fox News, the first store will land in Richmond, Texas—less than hour outside Houston—in October, followed by 500 more openings across the nation.

Target has been selling wine, beer and spirits for a while both in-store and online, but the new concept shop ups the ante, giving thirsty customers access to knowledgeable staffers, a separate entrance and online order pick-up. This “next generation” shopping experience is a direct challenge to brick and mortar competitors, including Costco, which has been expanding its liquor selection over the last few years, and digital monolith Amazon, which has also been moving into the local liquor store game.

This effort from Target to make boozy offerings more easily available to its customers follows the opening of a Chicago location where customers can sip Sangria or on-tap beer right inside the store—an option we desperately hope they expand. With fierce competition from other major retailers, you can expect more booze from Target soon. Maybe some day we’ll even get to sip while we shop for home essentials (a person can dream, right?).