Herradura Expands Tequila by the Barrel Program

If you truly love reposado tequila, don’t just buy the golden, barrel-aged liquid by the bottle—buy the whole barrel. Tequila Herradura offers its popular tequila by the barrel through its Buy-the-Barrel program, which invites tequila connoisseurs (or those with cash to blow on a massive amount of booze) to fly down to its facility in Jalisco, Mexico, and hand-select their own cask. After successfully launching the program back in 2011 in the States, Herradura just expanded it to the U.K., letting our friends across the pond partake in excessive bulk buying as well.

For just $10,000 guests can choose from several barrels of Herradura Double Reposado Tequila, which is aged in toasted oak barrels for 11 months, then transferred to a new barrel for the last month of aging. Unfortunately, the distillery doesn’t deliver the tequila in the barrel itself—so you sadly can’t tap it and gulp down ladlefuls—but rather bottles it in 240 custom labelled bottles, which works out to about $40 per bottle. The barrel is then sealed, branded and delivered separately.

Herradura is in good company with other distillers like Jake Daniel's offering immense amounts of liquor to high-rolling customers—though the tequila maker has mostly targeted the program toward restaurants so far. Still, we like to imagine that someday, we too will gaze upon an entire wall of our personalized tequila bottles. We’d take one down, pass it around—239 bottles of tequila on the wall.