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TGI Fridays Will Deliver Booze to Your Door

Get ready to never leave your home again. TGI Fridays, the casual chain restaurant where it’s always Friday and always happy hour, will now deliver beer and booze straight to your door.  

According to Food & Wine, the chain experienced a 30 percent increase in takeout sales after introducing online ordering last year. They recently pushed further into the digital realm by offering delivery through the brand’s mobile app, in an effort to increase sales even more. And now, they’ve finally gotten our attention by offering alcohol delivery.

You won’t be getting spirits and beer straight from the restaurant itself; the brand partnered with Lash, an alcohol delivery startup, which sources alcohol from local liquor stores. Don’t worry, the booze arrives with your mozzarella sticks, so they won’t get cold and congeal while you wait for your drinks to get there.

If you are a devotee to Fridays’ cocktails, the brand has you covered: Also available via the app is something called “Everything But the Booze,” which includes mixers and garnishes so you can whip up your own massive Margarita or Woo Woo at home. All that’s missing are the suspenders and flair.