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This Bottomless Prosecco Glass Changes Everything

Sometimes a single glass of bubbly just won’t cut it. Getting Personal, the U.K. company that introduced the world to Gin Pong, understands that sentiment and came up with a solution: the Bottomless Prosecco Glass.

The “glass” is a Prosecco bottle with a stemless wine glass attached to the top. The neck of the bottle serves as a handle, and the contents inside—all 950 milliliters of it—are all too accessible. It’s like the Guzzle Buddy wine bottle attachment, but with a classier sounding name. Goodbye constant trips to the wine table. Hello new favorite drinking vessel.

The glass adds another 200 milliliters of liquid (about a glass and a third) to the standard-size wine bottle. It doesn’t come with any Prosecco inside, but it is washable, refillable and will last as long as you can make it without dropping it.

While the label on the front reads “My Personal Bottomless Prosecco,” don’t limit yourself here and feel free to share. There are plenty of low-alcohol cocktails that you can fill it with instead for an extra large aperitif serving. Just stay away from the stronger options like a Martini or Negroni.

The Bottomless Prosecco Glass is available in the U.S. and costs just under $25 before shipping. With the holidays coming up, there’s no better time than now for an extra large glass of your favorite drink.