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Chill Your Beer in 60 Seconds with this Device

When the sudden craving for a spicy Michelada or tangy Shandy hits, there’s nothing worse than opening the fridge and finding zero chilled lagers. Unlike most cocktails, beer-tails can’t be shaken with ice for an instant chill—we found that out the hard way and suffered the fallout from a brewski explosion. Enter the Chill-O-Matic, a gadget that promises to take a beer from room temperature to frosty in just one minute.

Available for a mere $12.50 on HSN, the battery-powered device rapidly spins a can of beer in an ice bath for 60 seconds, transforming it into a true cold one. The company promises that spinning the beer will not make it foam up or burst upon opening.

Cool as it is (pun intended), the question remains: Who is this gadget meant for? Since it is lightweight and portable, it seems like it could be great for a beach day or camping. But it still requires ice, so you won’t be saving any room or weight by choosing it over a cooler. Its main audience seems to be impatient beer drinkers with access to an ice tray and a freezer. Still, it is pretty neat.

But if shelling out any amount of money for something a freezer could do in just a few more minutes is unappealing to you, check out these DIY hacks for chilling your drink instead. Or just plan ahead and always keep a six-pack in your fridge.