The Rock's Skin Care Secret Involves Booze

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s turn as Hercules isn’t the only evidence that the wrestler-turned-actor is actually immortal. The actor hasn’t aged a day over his epic 20-year macho man career. While we would chalk his unnatural endurance to the fact that The Rock ages on a geological scale, Johnson has another explanation for maintaining his perfect, youthful appearance: tequila—lots of tequila.

The skin care tip comes thanks to the inquisitive Ali Drucker, a Cosmopolitan editor who asked The Rock for his beauty secret over Twitter. After discovering a high school picture of the actor in which he somehow looks older than the sheepish mug we know today, she beseeched Johnson to “pls share your skin-care routine.” Always the good sport, The Rock replied, “Ha yes ma'am. Neutrogena deep cream face wash, Lancer or LaMere creams and tequila often. Not on your face, but drinking it ;).”

As the Huffington Post points out, booze tends to dry out the skin, not revitalize it. But given other recent revelations from the scientific community about tequila’s surprising health benefits, we’ll take The Rock’s word that the agave spirit has kept him young. Though, assuming his taste for tequila keeps pace with the rest of his 5,000 daily calorie diet, tequila's beauty benefits may require a Herculean appetite to take effect.