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This Bar Created the First Edible Cocktail Menu

Restaurant tasting menus that leave you overstuffed with food having nothing on edible cocktail tasting menus. The Tippling Club, an award winning cocktail bar in Singapore, recently debuted the first edible cocktail tasting menu that consists of 12 gummy bears, each of which tastes like one of Tippling Club’s newest cocktail creations.

The menu is the brainchild of head bartender Joe Schofield and chef-owner Ryan Clift. The drinks portion includes 12 different cocktails named after emotions like Happiness, Lust and Power. On the edible side, there are 12 gummy bears, each with a flavor that corresponds to one of the cocktails. Drinkers eager to experience their Goldilocks cocktail moment can taste test each cocktail by eating the corresponding bear.

And when you see what’s in the cocktails, a taste test might sound like a good idea.

There’s Happiness, which is made with yuzu, lemon, orange, honey and tequila and garnished with a fizzing “acid” tab that has a smiley face painted on it.

Holiday, made with coconut, pineapple, kaffir lime leaf and rum, is served in a coconut husk.

Baby, made with milk, vanilla, apricot, honey, citrus and gin, is served in a baby bottle.

Peace is made with almond milk, citrus, lemon balm and vodka.

Lust is made with peach, tonka bean, vanilla and Champagne.

Beauty is made with jasmine, dry sherry and Champagne. It’s garnished with edible lipstick on the side.

Success is made with red wine, amaro, Cognac and whisky.

Indulgence is made with cacao nib, strawberry and bourbon.

Power is made with madras, orange, citrus and rum.

Knowledge is made with white chocolate, almond, sherry and bourbon. It’s garnished with angostura-soaked paper.

Supercar is made with butter, white wine, citrus, petrol and gin. It comes with the warning “Eat me last if you dare.”

And then there’s Revenge, made with caraway, vodka and, confusingly, blood, which is mentioned as an ingredient without any explanation.

“The edible gummy bear menu, while deceptively simple, involved months of research and development before we narrowed it down to 12 perfected flavor formulas we felt best represent the dreams and desires we wanted to convey,” Schofield told The Drinks Business.

One thing is certain: Now that an entire menu of edible, boozy gummy bears exists, Jello Shots better step up their game.