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You Can Now Order Alcohol by Tapping a Magnet


One-hour alcohol delivery apps have made it easier than ever to get a bottle of booze from the store to your hands without ever leaving the house. But this is 2018, so that’s just not fast enough. A company called Thinfilm partnered with Campari to make a magnet that can re-order a bottle of alcohol by simply tapping your phone to a refrigerator magnet.

It’s almost too simple. The magnets have a Thinfilm NFC SpeedTap tag that’s connected to the cloud. When you tap your phone to the magnet, a product page on Drizly pops up and you can add the item to your cart and seamlessly check out. You might be thinking, does that actually save that much time? Well, situation matters, and when hosting a party where the alcohol is running low and you have a crowd of thirsty guests to serve, yes, that convenience and time saved matters. On the average night? Yeah, you can probably afford a few extra moments to search a delivery app if you’re not in the middle of an intense Netflix binge. That’s not nearly as cool as magnet ordering, though.

“Campari America is always seeking innovative methods that increase the speed and efficiency of getting our products into consumers’ hands,” Melanie Batchelor, the vice president of marketing at Campari America, said in a press release. She added that the company has “streamlined the purchase experience for consumers, so now ordering and receiving Campari America’s brands is almost easier than making a Negroni.”


For now, this feature is only available for brands owned by Campari. That includes Campari, Skyy, Wild Turkey, Aperol, Appleton Estate rum, and Espolòn. The magnets can be picked up at select liquor stores, and the corresponding apps to enable the magnetized magic are available on iPhone and Android. It doesn’t get much easier than this when you’re in the thick of things and need a bottle ASAP. Next step: ordering with our minds.