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This Ball Pit Bar Combines Play Time and Happy Hour

As any Chuck E. Cheese birthday boy or girl knows, the ball pit is the ultimate play area. Sadly, reaching adulthood effectively exiles a person from that spherical bath of joy. But now, thanks to Ball Pool Bar Dive, a bar in Osaka, Japan, grownups can once again experience ball pit nirvana—and this time, there’s alcohol.

According to Kotaku, the bar isn’t furnished with chairs or tables. Instead, there’s a sizable pit of 20,000 rainbow balls, where drinkers relax and frolic while indulging in all-you-can-drink sessions of 60 or 90 minutes. Drinks come in lidded Mason jars to avoid spillage and sticky, liquor-soaked pit balls. We just hope they serve Melon Balls to stay on theme.

A pop-up last year in San Francisco offered a similar experience, during which patrons took to the festive atmosphere in colorful costumes, danced in a conga line and limboed the night away. While the gleeful organizers behind that event did announce plans for more ball pit pop-ups in the future, Ball Pool Bar Dive offers the wonders of the pit all year round. Drunken childlike revelry is only a short flight to Osaka away.