This Guy Fieri Bathing Suit Is Terrifying and Insanely Hilarious

Maggie Rossetti/Thrillist

You didn’t know you needed a Guy Fieri bathing suit, but there are a lot of things about yourself you presumably haven’t figured out yet. The inimitable chef with frosted tips has his face emblazoned over a one-piece bathing suit made by Beloved, an online retailer based in Provo, Utah. On the swimsuit, Fieri looks psyched, with that trademark exuberant grin spread across his face while flames rise in the lenses of his incredibly fast sunglasses. (He only wears the fastest of sun glasses). You can have this strangely exotic garment for $49.95. 

Beloved has a penchant for including world leaders and ironic celebrities on some of its bathing suits. If you’re feeling like less of a Fieri fan, you can go for the Vladimir Putin variety. There’s also the Donald Trump, which is a decent complement to the Putin suit, given burgeoning diplomatic ties between the two nations. If you don’t care about politics, you can always go with the Nicolas Cage. Nonetheless, you’ll be guaranteed to freak out your parents and friends no matter the geopolitical or stylistic preference you have this beach season. 

In other Fieri news, the restaurateur and Donkey Sauce equivocator recently bared his soul to Thrillist in a wide-ranging interview. Among the greasy nuggets of Fieri-dom are the chef’s thoughts on the changing culinary landscape in America and the “Fieri-effect,” a symbiotic relationship between restaurants and the chef that usually involves money, popularity, fame, and a whole lot of Fieri patois.

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