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Three Olives Now Makes a Rosé Vodka

Nickolaus Hines / Supercall

Three Olives Vodka wants you to know that it’s time to leave #RoséAllDay behind and embrace a new pink-hued summer lifestyle: #VoséAllDay, as in rosé vodka all day. The brand recently released a rosé vodka, and it’s here to take warm weather drinking up a notch.

Three Olives Rosé doesn't contain any actual rosé, but is flavored to taste like it. At 30 percent ABV, it’s around three times stronger than rosé, yet not as strong as vodka, which is usually around 40 percent ABV. According Three Olives, it smells like “refreshing strawberry and tart cherry with subtle backgrounds of citrus and wildflower,” with a taste that has “hints of pomegranate that develops into blended red fruit and French oak.” Each sip leaves you with “a crisp orchard fruit finish.”

It’s not the first vodka to jump on the never ending popularity of rosé. Hangar 1 released a rosé-flavored vodka on February 1 with a similarly fruity and lightly sweet flavor profile that goes down almost too easy. We should’ve all seen this coming. It was only a matter of time until brands making flavored vodka capitalized on the country’s rosé craze. The years of crazy vodka flavors are behind us, and now it’s time for something people will actually like. Drink it on the beach with some soda water and ice, or mix it into a lemony cocktail. Three Olives has a frozen drink recipe called Frosé Vosé that mixes vodka, lemon, grapefruit, simple syrup and dry vermouth, and one reviewer on Drizly confessed to drinking it mixed into rosé cider. The possibilities here are endless—and very pink.

Find out where to get a bottle of hard summer water for yourself on the Three Olives search page.