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This Bar Made Tide Pods Shots Because Why Not

No one in the food media saw this coming, but Tide Pods—the convenient, all-in-one soap for clothes—has become the first big food trend of 2018 on the back of meme virality. But the fact that Tide Pods are not food, or even edible, hasn’t stopped on Brooklyn bar from capitalizing on it.

Duff’s Brooklyn, a “metal mecca” in New York, recently posted a photo on Instagram of its Tide Pods shot. It consists of a layer of red and a layer of blue, just like the real Pods. These, however, have no actual detergent.

The photo was a hit. At the time of writing, it had 490 likes and 45 comments. Something about finding the closest thing to consuming Tide Pods clicked. Duff’s doesn’t normally post pictures of drinks. It’s mostly famous people, not famous people, posters and memes. The only other picture of a shot, or any other drink besides a few metal-themed booze bottles, that the bar has posted in 1,415 posts was a pickleback with the caption “Pickle back = Lame and a waste of good booze.” That was in June of 2015, and it got 63 likes and four comments.

There’s just something about Tide Pods. Recently, the detergent has been “dominating the memescape,” as Select All puts it, but people have been joking about eating them for years. The Onion wrote a piece in 2015 with the title “So Help Me God, I’m Going To Eat One Of Those Multicolored Detergent Pods.”

Like most memes, this is not one to be taken literally. But that didn’t stop Tide from hiring Rob Gronkowski for an advertisement to not eat Tide Pods, even as a joke.

If you do want to drink them though, or at least feel like you’re drinking them, head to Duff’s.