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Tim Kaine’s Night Out: Craft Beer, Harmonicas and Clogging

Vice President Joe Biden might be leaving the White House come January, but don’t fret. We may have a new, charming, eccentric uncle-esque politician to take his place: Tim Kaine.

After a recent rally at a local gymnasium and dinner at Buxton Hall Barbecue, the Democratic vice presidential candidate and his wife let loose at Catawba Brewing Company in Asheville, N.C. Known for carrying four harmonicas with him at all times, Kaine not only busted one out to serenade guests, but he also joined the house band for a few songs. Kaine played the harmonica and sang bluegrass classics including “Wagon Wheel” and “My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains.” It was a far cry (in the right direction) from rival VP nominee Mike Pence’s recent night out at Chili’s.

That’s what we like to see in a vice presidential candidate. His wife, Anne Holton, also joined in the fun, clogging along with the beat on the side of the stage.

But Kaine’s night didn’t end there. In what was either a concerted effort to shed his “nice-but-boring” reputation or just an exhibition of his fun-uncle personality, Hillary’s running mate sampled the brew pub’s offerings, opting for a glass of the White Zombie wheat ale—on which he tipped a generous $5.

Kaine is headed to Fayetteville, N.C., for another campaign rally on Tuesday. Here’s to many more rounds of harmonica playing and clogging in the next 82 days leading up to the election.

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